Together with BFH-TI, INNOCAMPUS AG runs the Centre for Technologies in Sport and Medicine with the aim of applying the research that has been conducted and accelerating the transfer of technology.



Together with the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Park Biel/Bienne runs the Centre for Technology in Sports and Medicine which combines the competencies of four institutes with around 100 employees (engineers from different disciplines, doctors, nursing professionals). Under the leadership of Dr Michael Sauter, Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne collaborates with approximately 100 researchers/engineers from the various institutes of the Bern University of Applied Sciences.

Head of Research

Dr Michael Sauter Forschungsleiter Medtech

Dr. sc. ETH Michael Sauter  head of research in R&D for Medtech/ dep. Director of the Centre for Technologies in Sports and Medicine. Dr. sc. ETH, graduate in mechanical engineering and businessman. Founder of ETH-/ Empa startup compliant concept AG, which currently employs 15 people. He has experience in innovation management, development, production and the market launch of medical devices. He has won several young entrepreneur awards, including the KTI Medtech Award, Heuberger Young Entrepreneur Award, Empa Innovation Award. Mandate: Member of the board of directors at compliant concept AG.

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