Industry 4.0


Under the banner of the fourth industrial revolution, the Biel site is constructing a «Smart Factory Lab» covering an area of 500m². This kind of laboratory will bring about a new form of limitless connectivity between various machines, professionals and networks. A place where the real and virtual world converge, where ideas for innovation and their implementation come together as never before.



The aim of the laboratory is to increase the response time of the partner as the Biel site provides it with greater flexibility, transparency and efficiency in the production chain and its innovations. The Smart Factory Lab is more than just a place of reference for new ideas and innovation. It offers integrated and interdisciplinary engineering throughout the entire value chain and the entire lifecycle of the products and business models. The laboratory is a constant partner who is not only dedicated to the manufacturing side, but also sees innovation and lifecycle management as part of his work criteria.

Head of Research


Felix Kunz (head of research industry 4.0 ad interim) is a graduate electrical engineer and businessman. He gained his experience through over 12 new startups worldwide and was CEO and Chairman of the Board at Digital-Logic AG for 18 years. He is also experienced in the development, production and sales of Embedded Computer Boards and has applied production technology in SMT and clean room bonding. Felix Kunz has meeting mandates with the Vigier Entrepreneur Award, the Museum ENTER and the STI. He also holds other positions at the KTI-WTT Support as Head Innovation Mentor, at the Museum ENTER and at HFTM AG as Chairman of the Board. He is furthermore CEO of Sokutec GmbH in Solothurn.

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