The Fablab is an open workshop that gives our customers access to production equipment and modern industrial production processes. It is intended and designed for the production of single pieces and is a part of the prototyping services.

The FabLab has 3D printers, 3D systems, 3D scanners and laser cutters for DIY use (under supervision) for students and customers.

Equipment at Fablab Biel


3D laser printer/ MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation
Material: PLA und ABS 75 mm
Installation volumes: 252(B) x 199(T) x 150(H) mm,
Resolution: 0.1 mm
Interfaces: USB, WiFi, LAN, USB-Stick

CHF 5.–/h


3D laser printer/ MakerBot Z18
Material: PLA und ABS 75 mm
Installation volumes: 305 x 305 x 457mm,
Resolution: 0.1 mm
Interfaces: USB, WiFi, LAN, USB-Stick

CHF 5.–/h


3D laser printer/ Form 2
Material: Resin
Installation volumes: 145x 145 x 175 mm
Resolution: 25 – 100 micrometer
Interfaces: USB, WiFi, LAN, USB-Stick

CHF 7.–/h


Co2 Laser cutting machine (cutting and engraving)
Materials: acrylic, rubber, leather, stone, film, wood, paper, textiles, glass, plastic, foam
Structure size: 726 x 432 mm, max. workpiece height 200 mm
Laser: CO2, 12-120 Watt

CHF 25.–/h

3D Scanner des Fablabs Biel/Bienne

Thanks to the 3D scanner from David-Laserscanner, objects can be quickly scanned with an accuracy of 0.1% of the object’s size. This process uses the structured-light technology. Robust calibration surfaces made of glass as well as the modular design ensure that objects with different sized scan volumina are recorded.


The mechanics laboratory can be hired out for a project with or without an operator. If it is rented out with an operator, then for safety reasons, only the machines for which a qualification can be provided may be used and after a briefing by our operator. The operator can, however, be also hired out on a part-time basis. We can purchase the equipment and materials in advance and then as our customer, you will benefit from our quantity-based rates.

FabLab Card


For do-it-yourself use of the FabLab, an introduction by one of our staff members is required, so that machines are operated correctly The price of the entry is :

3D laser cutter: CHF 100.00 (1 hour)

3D printer: CHF 25.00 (1/2 hour)


FabLab Nights take place monthly. On this occasion, participants can move about freely in the FabLab and exchange information about the devices and projects as well as get instructions on how to operate and produce objects.

Free Software

Makerbot Software


Makerbot Desktop Software:

Vector Software


Draw Plus



Pencil 2D

3D Software


Autodesk 123


Wings 3D

Creo Elements




Makerbot Replicator

Makerbot in the classroom

Makerbot Z18



Trotec Speddy 300

Trotec JobControl

Handbuch für Gravuere



Gravograph (engraving)

Trotec (engraving)

Notz AG (plastics)

Modular (architectural & artistic)

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