The electronics laboratory is equipped with the latest CAD system for developing the diagrams and layouts, manual and automatic soldering points for the production of prototypes (in SMT, THT technology), a pool of measuring equipment for commissioning and verifying products as well as repair workplaces. The laboratory has an experienced assistant and developer, who can be hired for specific projects and as required along with the lab itself.


The mechanics laboratory can be hired out for a project with or without an operator. If it is rented out with an operator, then for safety reasons, only the machines for which a qualification can be provided may be used and after a briefing by our operator. The operator can, however, also be hired out on a part-time basis. We can purchase the equipment and materials in advance and then as our customer, you will benefit from our quantity-based rates.

Laserstrahlschmelzanlage SLM

3D prototypes in different metals can be manufactured using the Selective Laser Melting system (SLM), with 100% functional properties and durability. Thanks to the production technology it is based on, workpiece structures can be produced that would otherwise not be feasible in a single component. The advantages lie in its rapid availability and elimination of costly assembly steps.


The x-ray unit magnifies up to 10,000 times and has CT
functions that can generate 3D-layer models.

  • Planning and implementation of the microfocus x-ray inspection
  • Analysis and advice over the results by our experts
  • Independent expert reports
CAD Konstruktion

The 3D CAD forms the basis for virtual and real models as the groundwork for developing the concept. The data is then used later for the visualisation, technical drawings, simulations, 3D prototypes as well as for apparatus in the testing lab.

Simulation eines Objektes der BFH

The simulation analyses and optimises designs in the most ideal way during the development stage. This means that any weak points in the design can be specifically eliminated. It also averts any costly and time-consuming revisions. The simulation provides insights into the underlying physics and leads to a deeper understanding, which cannot be achieved through testing alone.

Kunststoffdruck, Angebot als Teil des Rapid Prototyping

Park Biel/ Bienne has a selection of 3D printers
hot melt coating machines and machines for selective laser
melting as part of the Rapid Prototyping service. The
range is being continuously refined and updated.

Software Entwicklung im INNOCAMPUS

Software specialists work at the Park Biel/Bienne and develop hardware-oriented programmes (C++, ASM), application programmes (Windows, Linux, HTML), database applications and apps for mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows). Completely different processors are used as the centrepiece. To reduce the development times for functional samples and prototypes, we use finished computer modules. These are available from stock at the Park Biel/Bienne. The project-specific functions and connectors are integrated into the carrier board, which also houses the computer module. In the industrialisation phase with large production quantities (>1,000 pc./year) the module can be integrated directly into a product-specific electronic circuit board. We have over 20 years of industrial experience to develop application-specific electronic boards with the suitable software and to initialise the serial production.

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