Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

This area researches and optimises industrial production methods and puts them into practice. In the Smart Factory Lab, the research results of our research partners are put to the test in the production solutions of our industry partners.



The research focus on Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) includes the new generative production process (3D printing for industrial applications). The focus is on metallic materials and their processes. The powder-bed and laser-cladding processes are our areas of specialisation in this field. A common factor of both processes is the melting of the metal powder using a laser beam to create a solid component. This method is also known as metallic 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing (AM). It is already being used in isolated cases for the mass production of high-tech components, for example in aerospace, energy, automotive, medical and dental technology as well as in mechanical and plant engineering. We have three 3D plastic printers and a metal 3D printer for titanium, stainless steel and aluminium. We also have a conventional machine for finishing pieces printed in 3D (milling, turning, grinding).

Head of Research

Dr. Felix Reinert, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung und Forschungsleiter Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Dr Felix Reinert,  Head of Research at Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. Dr Felix Reinert is a graduate micro technology engineer (EPFL Lausanne) and Dr. phil.-nat. Physics (degree at the University of Bern). In addition to this, he also has a teaching certificate in physics from the ETH Zurich. He has gained many years of experience at Alstom as a Cluster Manager in «Novel Manufacturing Technologies». He is the founder and CEO of Protoshape GmbH and co-founder and CTO of the startup UrbanAlps AG.

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